Rise of the Twelve

Booker and Scarlett

Here we go again.

Booker first met Scarlett when he signed onboard a ship seeking treasure. Scarlett the self proclaimed Pirate Queen was a red headed beauty and she took an interest in Booker. She promised not to betray anyone at least until the had found the treasure.

The Treasure map itself was written in Latin and they required someone to translate for them. So Scarlett and Booker went to a nearby Castillian controlled island to carry out her plan to get someone who could translate. That plan was to pose as a couple wanting to get married and get a priest to marry them. The Sham marriage ceremony began and just as Scarlett was about to grab the priest someone recognized her. She knocked the Priest out and started running ordering the bewildered Booker to grab the priest and run for it. They managed to steal a carriage to carry the priest in and finally elude their followers. Triumphantly returning to the ship with their translator.

After searching for clues to the lost treasure and sailing to several islands they finally found what they were looking for. Unfortunately for them the Natives did not take kindly to intruders on their island. All of the crew was captured except for Scarlett and her monkey companion Dexter. Everything seemed bleak for the crew as several were killed and added into the big stew pot. Booker found out that he was unfortunate as he would not be thrown into the stew pot, but rather the chiefs daughter had taken an interest in him, asking the chief to make him her mate. The Chiefs daughter was about 5’ tall and 5’ wide, and Booker longed for the death in the boiling waters of the stew. Dexter appeared just when things looked darkest and untied booker from where he waited his marriage. The two snuck away from the camp in the night and met up with Scarlett.

They each to a hold of the treasure chest raising it up at which point Scarlett exclaimed she only came back for Booker because she could not carry the treasure chest by herself. The two escaped back to the ship, and Booker vowed never to fall for one of Scarlett’s schemes again.



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