Rise of the Twelve

Sveta and Matushka

Look I can fly

Svetlana Ivanovna went to sleep with a smile on her face. It had been a good day in the tea trade business, she had made some new acquisitions, and sold some others. All things considered Matushka had ben kind to her.

As she slept she dreamed of Matushka coming to visit her. Matushka told her that she needed Sveta to run an errand for her. And that she would need to fly tot he far off land of Cathay where she would find the Bear, the rat and the weasel. She had a message for them that her most favored was in trouble and they would need to proceed back to the land of the rat as soon as possible.

When Svata awoke she found a curious necklace with an amulet on her nightstand. It had the symbol of an Eagle on one side, and the Symbol of Matushka on the other side of the Amulet. Placing the the necklace around her neck she suddenly felt strange, a moment later where Sveta had been standing now stood an Eagle. Matushka had told her she would know where to look, and a moment later Sveta leapt into the air and began flying. Straight for the wall of fire.

Great were her keen eyes, and she spotted many prey for a quick dinner along the way to Cathay.



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