Rise of the Twelve

The Treasure Hunt

Booker and Captain Git

Booker found himself in one of his favorite watering holes having a couple pints of Rum. Lucky for him he was an Able Drinker. When Captain Bartholomew Jones joined him at his table. Booker had been watching the local maiden as she went about her task.

The Captain had met Booker before while he was still sailing with Scarlett.
It seems the captain had come into quite a find. A Syrneth compass. This compass apparently had a place for gems to be mounted in it, and the legend says once all the gems were found the compass would point to a great Syrneth treasure. there was only one problem the Compass currently pointed to what the captain thinks is Cathay.

So he was getting a crew together and needed a good Helmsman to navigate the waters around Cathay. Booker agreed to join the motley crew and off they went sailing to Cathay.

As they neared the wall of fire. The ship was set upon by three Vestenmannavnjar Raiders.
The battle was rather one sided being 3 against one and the pirate ship sunk when it’s powder magazine went up. Booker awoke to find himself floating on a piece of debris, and as luck would have it the captains corpse floated quite near him, still clutching the bag that held the Syrneth compass.

Booker wasted no time alleviating the corpse of the Compass and since his piece of drift was better than Bookers sending the captain off to sea as well. Time passed until a ship arrived finding Booker. It was a Cathayan ship and on board was a Cathayan Sorcerer. Booker was rescued and taken back to their Cathayan stronghold where he recuperated.



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