Vasily Deprovich

Confused as usual by Marcello and Gastons' antics


“I am short but round, lot’s of hair, like goat. Good to have around when Matushka send the winter to remind us to honor her.”

“Sad people in rest of Theah, so skinny and ill fed. Beet soup and mutton make much better. Except Sveta, she smart like me, always asks for second helping of whatever is on table.”

“Please poor Aboloni Queen, too pale, eat some cheese and potatoes while I make some mutton and porridge to make cheeks red and hips wide. Dangerously handsome Damion need something comfortable to rest once we break silly curse.”

Looks at friends, sneezes when Gaston moves upwind, then looks at Sveta and shakes head sadly, “Need Matushka to come, make then happy and fat!”

Eyes grow unfocused, staring across the miles to a blond haired beauty on her troubled throne, “Miss you my wife, my Rika, apple of my eye. Be home soon as we settle things with these 12 trouble makers. No sleeping with the livestock for you, you are Queen! So keep warm blankets handy for those few days when actually gets cold in muddy Eisen.”


Vasily Deprovich

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