Rise of the Twelve

The Legend Begins
It all started

Sir Damon a member of the Queen’s knights was tasked to take some important dispatches to the other kingdoms of Théah. Along the way he met up with Marcello, Gaston, and Vasily. While in Castille, the group met Graciella at good king Sandoval’s court. Marcello instantly knew Graciella was the love of his life, however she did not see it that way. The inquisition captured Gaston and he was tortured. The Heroes set out to free Gaston from the inquisition with the help of Graciella. While freeing Gaston they found an Ussuran woman (Serena) who was scarred over much of her body and an Ussuran boy (Dmitri) with two different colored eyes. After the rescue our Heroes were attacked by a group led by Graciella’s evil twin sister which they barely managed to survive. The Heroes rescued the two and made a quick exit from Castille.

The Syrneth
Treasure Hunt

When our heroes next set out on the adventuring path they met the Eisen noblewoman Countessa Rika Kaufmann. The countessa was a member of the explorer society and was looking for a treasure trove of Syrneth artifacts. Marcello had recently become head of his family and taken a Fate witch wife named Morena. His family could desperately use the finances from any reward and he quickly agreed to help.

Gaston had become the love interest of Marcello’s younger sister (Emanuella) and he too was eager to leave the Delacarpini estate. As always Vasili was eager to travel and learn more recipes for his Théan cookbook. It was on this journey that they ran into the Pirate/Syrneth fortune hunter Crystal Le Fabrique

After overcoming many obstacles the group finally came upon the Syrneth spire. They were able to gather many Syrneth artifacts after defeating the traps on the spire, however the spire itself began crumbling once they arrived. Barely escaping with their lives the Contessa contacted the explorer’s guild and turned over the priceless artifacts. The explorer’s guild rewarded the adventurers for their hard work and our heroes awaited their next adventure.

The Midnight Archipelago
Peteszas Pies

Rumors of the islands of Gold reached the ears of Marcello Delacarpini and he convinced his friends to join him on an expedition to find these islands of gold. A curious Syrneth artifact that Marcello found radiated a cool touch. After some experimentation they found that placing this artifact in their cargo hold kept their food stuffs fresh for a long period of time. The group set out in an old rickety ship which was the pride of the Delacarpini fleet.

After a storm damaged their vessel the group found an island suitable for wood to repair the ship and landed. However the island was not devoid of life. Living on the island were cannibals as well as a few survivors from an earlier shipwreck. One of these survivors was Mika an Ussuran woman with the ability to assume the form of a great cat. With the help of Mika and the crew, the cannibals were defeated and the Sheep (As Marcello called it) was repaired.

While the journey to the Midnight Archipelago did not result in the riches the heroes had hoped for they did manage to find a curious Red skinned Vegetable. Filling the hold with as many of these tasty vegetables as possible the group headed home.

Upon arriving home Marcello found that two of his brothers (Benito and Lucio) with the help of one of the Vodacce princes had taken control of his “kingdom”. The group assisted Marcello in overthrowing his brothers which climaxed with a dual between Marcello and Benito. The dual ended with the death of Benito and Marcello Exiled Lucio.

Soon after Sir Damon received orders that he should return to Avalon as soon as possible as the Queen was under some kind of attack. Meanwhile Pietro Canossa husband to Marcello’s sister Giseppina discovered that crushing these strange red vegetables and placing them on dough covered with cheese and baking them were quite delicious. He called them Pietro’s Red Vegetable and Cheese pies. Marcello would later shorten the name to Petezas pies.

The Queen in Peril
Fattening up the Queen

When our group next picked up the Heroes travelled to Avalon only to find that Sir Lawrence Lugh the champion of the Queen was missing and presumed dead. During a dinner with the Queen a group of mysterious assassins melded out of the shadows and attacked the group. After they were defeated it was discovered that their blades were poisoned with an other worldy type of poison that caused those affected to enter into a comatose state.

The Queen and Graciella were both inflicted with this poison. It was at this time that Gaston professed his love for Graciella. It was learned that the poison had to come from the Sidhe and that the group would have to travel to Bryn Bresail to find an antidote. Along their journey to the eerie land of the Sidhe it was confirmed that the Queen’s champion was truly dead and his sword had vanished. After facing many Sidhe nightmares the group finally located the antidote for the Sidhe poison and returned to save the Queen and Graciella.

The Queen then gave Sir Damon the quest to find Sir Lugh’s sword and return with it. Damon underwent several tests along this quest before finally gaining approval of the Lady of the Lake and received the Champions sword. Along the way the bond between Gaston and Graciella grew stronger and Marcello announced that even though he knew Graciella truly loved him he would stand aside to let the couple be happy.

Returning with the sword Queen Elaine named Sir Damon her new champion and a great feast was had. Vasily threw the Avalonian cooks out of the main kitchen and prepared the feast himself. Gaston proposed to Graciella but Queen Elaine stated that because of Graciella’s status in Castille she could not marry peasant like Gaston so after gaining his pledge of loyalty she knighted him and rewarded him with land.

Marcello received a new Sheep for his part in the adventure which he named the Lady Morena after his wife. Vassilli received a cookbook full of Avalonian dishes though he hoped the skinny pale queen would eat better food so she could put some meat on her bones.

Journey to Cathay (Part 1)
What's for Dinner?

A brief time of peace and quiet greeted our heroes, Sir Damon continued his duties of Champion of the Queen, whilst Gaston tended to the woman he had sworn to serve (His Wife). Marcello returned home to his lands to see to his family and begin his plan to become a prince of Vodacce. Vasily took the opportunity to return to Vodacce to learn more of the fabulous recipe’s this country had.

All that changed when the Heroes received a summons from Sir Damon to return to Avalon. Once our heroes were assembled they were reunited with their old friend the Contessa. It seems while they were apart The Queen and Sir Damon had fallen in love but there was a terrible curse on the land which made it impossible for them to marry. She had learned that there was only one group of sorcerers that had the potential for lifting such a power curse and in fact probably only one among them that could do it. That individual lived in Cathay.

The group if they were willing would travel to Cathay and acquire the services of this Sorcerer. Being the heroes that they are, they of course agreed. There was only one real problem, the wall of fire that kept any Théans out of Cathay. The group first headed to the Crescent empire looking for information to help them as it had long been rumored the Crescent’s had some trade with Cathay. While in the Crescent Empire Vasily bought two dresses one for the Contessa and one for Graciella which he gave to Gaston to present to his wife. Graciella learned that it was actually Vasily that had purchased the dress she grew angry that her husband had not thought of it and scolded him. Gaston took the scolding harshly became drunk and retreated into the crow’s nest where he began singing love songs to Graciella in a very off key.

Leaving the empire they continued on their voyage to Cathay. One morning they awoke to find there ship stalled in the mirror with no wind at all at their backs. They devised crude Rows as best they could and the men started rowing. It was a slow process which drained the crew of their strength. Vasily decided to show the men how an Ussuran would handle this and he was joined by the Eisen Contessa, it became a contest with neither wishing to let the other win. In the end Vasily gave up so that the Contessa would stop, and allowed her the victory but she would not take it, instead calling it a draw. They had managed to finally get close enough to an island when the winds returned. The Crew was exhausted and supplies were running low so they took a couple long boats and approached the island for food. They soon found they were not alone when they were once again attacked by cannibals. Fleeing the Cannibals they ran into another group of survivors, Cathayans led by a young woman named Ming. Ming had a tattoo of a dragon on her back.

The Heroes learned Ming’s father was emperor of Cathay until he was deposed and her father had sent her off as a young girl with his most loyal guards. They had been trapped on this island since fighting the cannibals. The survivors told the heroes that the Cannibals were protecting some type of treasure.

One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure
Glass Boats

After hearing that the Cannibals were protecting some type of treasure it wasn’t long before Marcello had hatched a “Brilliant” Plan liberate the treasure from the cannibals.

It would mean a little diversion and a lot of sneaking, something Marcello was very good at. However No one had ever accused Vasily of being very sneaky, so part of the group would provide the diversion while Marcello snuck his way past the sentries to see it was they were protecting. The Diversion worked well, almost to well as Vasily, Gaston, Graciella, The Contessa were practically overrun by cannibals. If it had not been for the help of Ming’s people they may not have survived. Graciella and Gaston’s superior swordsmanship helped keep them alive and kill quite a few cannibals. While Vasily used his huge strength and size to his advantage. The Contessa wearing her Dracheniesen Armor, was practically immune to the Cannibals spears. Marcello sneaking past the few remaining sentries lost his hat when a stiff breeze blew it off. At that point he turned around and snuck back past the guards to pick up his hat. After picking up his hat Marcello noticed a glint in the crevasse, and decided to sneak back to have a look.. What he found amazed even him. A huge Ship made totally out of glass. It was the biggest Syrneth Artifact he had ever seen. The Ship was in a crevasse underground with an opening above it.

After getting a signal from Marcello the rest of the party began fighting their way to the ship. Marcello had a little bit of time to look around and noticed what seemed to be some type of weapon on the ship, naturally he decided to use it against the angry cannibals. As the rest of the party jumped down amidst a rain of spears, Marcello sat in the Gunners seat and the weapon activated. A few bursts from the lightning Cannon scattered the natives, and gave the rest of the party time to get aboard and explore this vessel.

The Contessa being a member of The Explorer’s Society was able to figure out the controls and they decided to take the ship with them. A few more blasts from the Lightning Cannonopened the crevasse big enough and they escaped.

Booker and Scarlett
Here we go again.

Booker first met Scarlett when he signed onboard a ship seeking treasure. Scarlett the self proclaimed Pirate Queen was a red headed beauty and she took an interest in Booker. She promised not to betray anyone at least until the had found the treasure.

The Treasure map itself was written in Latin and they required someone to translate for them. So Scarlett and Booker went to a nearby Castillian controlled island to carry out her plan to get someone who could translate. That plan was to pose as a couple wanting to get married and get a priest to marry them. The Sham marriage ceremony began and just as Scarlett was about to grab the priest someone recognized her. She knocked the Priest out and started running ordering the bewildered Booker to grab the priest and run for it. They managed to steal a carriage to carry the priest in and finally elude their followers. Triumphantly returning to the ship with their translator.

After searching for clues to the lost treasure and sailing to several islands they finally found what they were looking for. Unfortunately for them the Natives did not take kindly to intruders on their island. All of the crew was captured except for Scarlett and her monkey companion Dexter. Everything seemed bleak for the crew as several were killed and added into the big stew pot. Booker found out that he was unfortunate as he would not be thrown into the stew pot, but rather the chiefs daughter had taken an interest in him, asking the chief to make him her mate. The Chiefs daughter was about 5’ tall and 5’ wide, and Booker longed for the death in the boiling waters of the stew. Dexter appeared just when things looked darkest and untied booker from where he waited his marriage. The two snuck away from the camp in the night and met up with Scarlett.

They each to a hold of the treasure chest raising it up at which point Scarlett exclaimed she only came back for Booker because she could not carry the treasure chest by herself. The two escaped back to the ship, and Booker vowed never to fall for one of Scarlett’s schemes again.

Sveta and Matushka
Look I can fly

Svetlana Ivanovna went to sleep with a smile on her face. It had been a good day in the tea trade business, she had made some new acquisitions, and sold some others. All things considered Matushka had ben kind to her.

As she slept she dreamed of Matushka coming to visit her. Matushka told her that she needed Sveta to run an errand for her. And that she would need to fly tot he far off land of Cathay where she would find the Bear, the rat and the weasel. She had a message for them that her most favored was in trouble and they would need to proceed back to the land of the rat as soon as possible.

When Svata awoke she found a curious necklace with an amulet on her nightstand. It had the symbol of an Eagle on one side, and the Symbol of Matushka on the other side of the Amulet. Placing the the necklace around her neck she suddenly felt strange, a moment later where Sveta had been standing now stood an Eagle. Matushka had told her she would know where to look, and a moment later Sveta leapt into the air and began flying. Straight for the wall of fire.

Great were her keen eyes, and she spotted many prey for a quick dinner along the way to Cathay.

The Treasure Hunt
Booker and Captain Git

Booker found himself in one of his favorite watering holes having a couple pints of Rum. Lucky for him he was an Able Drinker. When Captain Bartholomew Jones joined him at his table. Booker had been watching the local maiden as she went about her task.

The Captain had met Booker before while he was still sailing with Scarlett.
It seems the captain had come into quite a find. A Syrneth compass. This compass apparently had a place for gems to be mounted in it, and the legend says once all the gems were found the compass would point to a great Syrneth treasure. there was only one problem the Compass currently pointed to what the captain thinks is Cathay.

So he was getting a crew together and needed a good Helmsman to navigate the waters around Cathay. Booker agreed to join the motley crew and off they went sailing to Cathay.

As they neared the wall of fire. The ship was set upon by three Vestenmannavnjar Raiders.
The battle was rather one sided being 3 against one and the pirate ship sunk when it’s powder magazine went up. Booker awoke to find himself floating on a piece of debris, and as luck would have it the captains corpse floated quite near him, still clutching the bag that held the Syrneth compass.

Booker wasted no time alleviating the corpse of the Compass and since his piece of drift was better than Bookers sending the captain off to sea as well. Time passed until a ship arrived finding Booker. It was a Cathayan ship and on board was a Cathayan Sorcerer. Booker was rescued and taken back to their Cathayan stronghold where he recuperated.


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