Kaufmann Königreichen

Kaufmann Königreichen

“The earth does not forgive.”

An owl holding a flamberge blade in a talon.

A pair of dracheneisen boots. A drachen with its wings spread has been carefully etched on the front of each boot. They are covered in detailed scales, and have a “spur” on the heel. These boots always gleam as though brightly polished. When Imperator Gottschalk presented them to the Kaufmann family many years ago, he said, “I do not need these any more. You will be the foundation on which the Empire stands.” The boots are proudly displayed for everyone to see.

The kingdom of Kaufmann lies in the southeast of Eisen, among very hilly terrain. Kaufmann is the home of the finest iron mines in the nation, supporting the königreich’s economy. The mountains also house the secretive order of dracheneisen smiths known as the Nibelungen (see page 44 of Ridrn Book). Wise Eisen avoid them, even when they leave their mountain abode. The iron of the area seems to give the people their character. They are solid, uncomplaining, and honest. However, much to the concern of the Church, they pay quiet homage to a mysterious figure they call Opa Nacht, or Grandfather Night, who they believe protects them while they work the mines.

The People:
Many Eisen from this königreich are small and nimble, just right for squeezing through tight tunnels and caves. In addition, the enormous wealth that flows through Kaufmann often trickles down to even the poorest bauer. However, there seems to be some sort of curse on the area that inflicts occasional mishaps upon its inhabitants.

Whenever more than one of your dice explode during a single roll, your GM receives a Drama die that may only be used against you. In addition, roll once on the chart below.

1–4 You gain the Small Advantage for free.
5–8 You gain the Merchant Skill for free.
9–0 Your monthly income is increased by 25%.

The cities of Kaufmann usually stand on the top of a plateau or at the base of a mountain. Because of limited space, the cities tend to grow upwards instead of outwards. The buildings have sharply sloped roofs, and the roads are often steep, winding, and hazardous.

Local Customs and Problems
Cut off from the rest of the country, the people of Kaufmann have developed a strong sense of mysticism. While some joke that the thin air has addled their brains, the Kaufmann citizens know that ancient and mysterious things still dwell here, far from the haunts of man.

A Curse of Ill Luck
Strange misfortunes occasionally befall those who live in Kaufmann. It is uncertain what the cause of this “curse” could be, but the accidents started around the time that Georg Kaufmann went mad.

Army and Organization
The Königreichen is currently ruled by Rika Kaufmann. Kaufmann can only gather an army of about 30,000 men. However, on the easily defended roads that criss-cross the mountains, that’s more than enough. Still, Kaufmann won’t be invading any other kingdoms any time soon.

Kaufmann Königreichen

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