Campaign Timeline

Tertius 1st, 1667 — Sir Damon begins his mission to take dispatches to the other kingdoms of Théah.

Sextus 3rd, 1667 — Marcello Delacarpini marries Morena Caligari

Sextus 17rd, 1667 — Marcello convinces his Damon, Gaston and Vasily to travel to the islands of gold to look for treasure.

Septimus 12th, 1667 — Marcello defeats his brother Benito in a dual to the death.

Septimus 19th, 1667 — Sir Damon receives orders to return home to Avalon.

Septimus 26th, 1667 — Sir Damon and the rest of the party arrive in Avalon and discover that the Queen’s Champion Sir Lawrence Lugh is missing.

Septimus 26th, 1667 — At a dinner for the queen and our heroes the queen is attacked and saved by Sir Damon however she and Graciella are poisoned in the attack.

Septimus 26th, 1667 — With the Queen and Graciella comatose do to the Sidhe poison, the Heroes vow to travel to Bren Bresail to find a cure. Gaston professes his love for Graciella.

Octavus 3rd, 1667 — The party gets the antidote to the Queen and Graciella in time, and they recover quickly.

Octavus 4th, 1667 — With the Queen’s Champion dead, Elaine orders Sir Damon to find his sword and claim the position of the new Champion.

Octavus 18th, 1667 — Sir Damon returns with the Sword of Sir Lawrence Lugh and Queen Elaine declares him her new champion.

Octavus 18th, 1667 — At the feast honoring Sir Damon, Gaston proposes to Graciella and she accepts. Marcello weeps decreeing that Graciella could have been the most famous courtesan in all of Vodacce.

Octavus 19th, 1667 — Gaston is knighted.

Octavus 29th, 1667 — Graciella and Gaston are wed, they move into their new home and lands provided by the queen.

Primus 20th, 1668 — The journey to Cathay begins.

Tertius 28th, 1668 — Rika Kaufmann’s father Helmutt Kaufmann succumbs to illness and passes away but not before giving his blessing for Vasily to marry his daughter.

Quartus 1st, 1668 — Marcello Delacarpini’s daughter Marcella is born. The fate witches gather and confirm she has the gift.

Quartus 4th, 1668 — Vasily Deprovich and Rika Kaufmann are married. They managed to defeat an attack by the Shadow.

Quartus 25th, 1668 — Our Heroes reach Montegue and give him the letter sent by his wife Dominique.

Quartus 26, 1668 — After receiving a letter from his wife, General Montegue orders a retreat from Ussura. His forces march straight towards Odyesse, where ship wait to take his army home.

Quintus 2–10, 1668 — L’Empereur commissions the raising of new taxes and
instigates a series of laws designed to punish the Vaticine Church. Oppression in Montaigne reaches an all-time high.

Quintus 15, 1668 — The Battle of Derevyanniy. By feinting towards the city of St.
Tremult, Montegue draws away the Ussuran army waiting for him in the Derevyanniy forest. The Montaigne army slips safely through the lines, and casualties on both sides are limited. However, subsequent Ussuran partisan attacks
slow the Montaigne progress toward Odyesse.

Late Sextus (21–30), 1668 — The Siege of Freiburg. A vein of dracheneisen — possibly the largest ever recorded — is found beneath the city of Freiburg. Two armies, one from Fauner Pösen and one from Stefan Heilgrund, soon lay siege to
the city in an effort to claim the mine for themselves. The city’s defenders eventually fight off the armies, and Niklaus Trägue takes control of the mine.

Julius 7, 1668 — Montegue’s army reaches the city of Odyesse. Saboteurs in the pay of l’Empereur have burned his ships to the ground. Exhausted and bereft of supplies, the army has no choice but to head west into Eisen.

Corantine 1, 1668 — Théah’s mystics all simultaneously awaken with a terrible vision of the Island of the Sunken Eye. Their visions grow worse as time goes on.

Corantine 15, 1668 — The Battle of Salzsumpf. Montegue’s army is met in eastern Eisen by an army lead by Fauner Pösen Despite a valiant defense, Montegue’s forces are defeated. Karl Steiner flees in terror and Pösen takes Montegue hostage; The general is left a comfortable prisoner in a fortress/estate on the Pösen frontier.

Corantine 30, 1668 — A band of escaped prisoners steals a Syrneth water vessel from the heart of Vincenzo Caligari’s island. The act triggers a cataclysmic reaction and the island sinks beneath the sea.

Septimus 1, 1668 — Triggered by the combining the stones of the compass and the sinking of Caligari island, an ancient Syrneth island — Cabora — rises from the depths of the Mirror.


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